It’s raining candies!

Pure streets, pure thoughts

If you ask me what I find most beautiful and inspiring, I’ll answer without hesitation: rain. I’m a great fan of rainy weather 🙂 While others grumble about their ruined plans and depressed mood, I open my windows and enjoy the magical music of raindrops. I watch streams of water falling from the sky and gushing down the street washing away all the dust and fuss and feel like my bad thought are leaving me too. I feel free and happy. Sometimes I even run out and dance in the downpour, but nobody really sees that except my neighbors, so I can afford myself to freak out now and again 🙂

An artist that specializes in rain

Last week, I was idly surfing the web without any particular aim when I saw this painting out of the corner of my eye. Here, it’s called ‘Torrential Downpour.’ That was some sort of a flash ad, but I couldn’t ignore it 🙂 The image was so bright and alluring! So I clicked the link and found myself on a website of someone named Leonid Afremov. I never heard about this artist before, but as a person sharing the same profession I couldn’t leave without appreciating his painting manner. I was totally enchanted! The colors, the style and the atmosphere of these works were simply amazing! Moreover, many of them depicted city in the rain! I was so delighted to see these wet streets covered with colorful reflections, misty alleys with strolling couples and autumn parks with beautiful rain-washed trees! I kept flipping through the site without noticing the passage of time. I almost got late for work 🙂 At the class, I showed these pictures to my students and asked what they thought about them. It was interesting to hear their answers:

  • It’s raining candies! (Jane, 10 years old, middle schooler)
  • I’ve never seen so much color crammed into lousy 10 inches (Diego, 28 years old, sales manager, referring to my phone screen)
  • This is the best thing I saw this week! (Sandra, 52 years old, florist)
  • Reminds me of my childhood (Lenny, 22 years old, college dropout)

I was glad to find out my students share my tastes in art. That means we are on the same wavelength which is important for creative people 🙂 And I’m also glad I found such an inspiring place in the internet as this website! So if you aren’t afraid to get caught in a heavy torrential downpour of color, this is your stop!


Who’s in command of the art parade?

Today I want to talk about art and recognition. In the past centuries, you had to get your works displayed at some exhibition to receive your portion of fame. And some people still tend to think that you can only be called an artist if you have a listing in a local gallery. However, all that isn’t even nearly as important anymore. With internet technologies at hand, you can promote your art over the web. And many beginning and even professional artists use that to reach a wider audience. Just look how many people hang out on sites like! And there are not just paintings, but also photography and all other types of modern visual art to view.  I think it’s great. People have an opportunity to showcase the results of their creative efforts and get feedback from others. Even more, they can get inspired by each other’s paintings. It’s much like one of my classes where students paint whatever comes to their mind without fearing to be criticized and rejected, but at the same time they can look over each other’s shoulder and ask me for advice. I know what I’m gonna do! I’ll tell each of them to create a page on Deviantart and follow each other! Way to go, Kimberly 🙂


Hey there!

It’s Kimberly Sands talking 🙂 I’ve been thinking how I can improve my life and came to a conclusion that I desperately need a blog 🙂 I’m a very sociable, cheerful person who likes meeting people and easily makes new friends. I guess that has something to do with my job. I’m an art teacher and my lessons are attended not just by gifted kids but also by adults wishing to learn something new and diversify their leisure. You know, teaching painting is just as exciting as painting itself! I couldn’t wish for a better job! Besides, one of my students is my own nephew. I can’t let him down, can I?


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